4 Steps To Building A Better Relationship With The Media

4 Steps to Building a Better Relationship with the Media

It’s 5 p.m. on a Friday and you get a call from the Houston Chronicle…

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Don’t Be A PR Baby! Run STRATEGIC Marketing Campaigns

Don’t be a PR baby! Run STRATEGIC marketing campaigns

Are you talking to your PR program in a baby voice? Come on. You can…

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PR Storytelling: The Three Bs

PR storytelling: the three Bs

Whether big or small, all businesses will benefit from great PR storytelling. That story will…

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3 Top Tips To TED-style Storytelling For PRs

3 top tips to TED-style storytelling for PRs

TED Talks – whether on Technology, Education, Design or anything else – are the epitome…

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3 Blogging Tools To Get Your Content Shared

3 blogging tools to get your content shared

If you’re a blogger, social media influencer or marketer, check out these three top tools…

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3 Great Books That Master PR, Marketing And Persuasion

3 great books that master PR, marketing and persuasion

If you like to be inspired by experts in your field, you’re in good company.…

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Media Training Gone Bad: The Starr/Spaeth Interview

Media training gone bad: the Starr/Spaeth interview

How media training became part of the story Former Baylor University President Ken Starr should have…

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Social Media: Who Owns It?

Social media: who owns it?

Who on the marketing team owns social media? This question has been asked and hotly…

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Public Relations Has Changed In These 5 Ways

Public relations has changed in these 5 ways

Public relations has changed. From looking more like advertising to digital media to better analytics…

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