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  • We are an integral part of your team.
  • We are helping an energy industry client navigate and protect its reputation in an aggressive regulatory environment. We place strategic messages and thought leadership initiatives in carefully chosen media outlets using an aggressive and proactive media relations program.
  • We helped a European-based multinational launch in the U.S. marketplace by establishing its expertise and accelerating its sales pipeline. We did this by coordinating a successful multi-pronged event involving carefully-selected business leaders, including a U.S. senator, and potential stakeholders to interact with company leadership and the sales and marketing team. The initiative was so successful that the company was able to shift its dollars away from marketing and into other programs.
  • We are helping an established service corporation maintain its position in an increasingly competitive space by coordinating an aggressive digital media campaign to leverage online influencers and accelerate sales. Components include blogging, social media engagement, email marketing, media relations, thought leadership and digital advertising.
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